Be Bright at Night / Sponsor Opportunity

The Board would like to increase the awareness and reach of LCRA’s Be Bright At Night Campaign with the purpose in mind to make our streets, boulevards and surrounding areas more safe for all of our Members and neighbors’ while driving, walking and bicycling, especially at night and throughout the day.

Safety is of utmost importance here‼ For Sure‼

Accordingly, we would like to know if any of our member’s and/or their businesses would like to be a sponsor(s) of our awareness campaign potentially scheduled for the Spring/Summer 2021 season. The projected cost to a sponsor for the Program is $500 to $1000 in exchange for the advertising and promotion of the sponsor’s products and/or their services offered on our updated Website and Newsletter. The length of the campaign would likely be three (3) months.

If a Member or through their business is interested in being a sponsor, please send an email to Joni ( at the LCRA office. Or stop by the office for more information.