Lake Cable Area Trash Removal Survey

Lake Cable Area Trash Removal Survey

Update: Submissions extended through the end of September 2021.

Revised Note – 10/28/21: The results from your August & September survey submissions will be posted ASAP!

Your input is requested and now extended through September. A printed trash removal survey was sent out with the August 2021, “Lake Cable’s, Goat Island Gazette”, and for September we’ve included a follow up ‘rank the importance’ summary question inserted into the newsletter. Haven’t Submitted yet? Follow the link for the online version to submit a full survey found at Survey Monkey. We have more full printed surveys in the office ready too!

The survey has the intention to find out your opinion about trash service in the community. We’ve been in contact with Kimble, our current LCRA provider, Republic Service who approached the office this spring and Vaughn who a few members have cited as their provider of choice. We’ll seek out others if you would like us to.
We will have the survey up now through September. We had some preliminary discussion at the August board meeting, but felt we needed more responses. Once the submissions are in, we’ll take the results to the trash providers to see who can best serve the community.

Included is the proposal from Republic Services listing price with average increases for a 3 – 5-year period plus other considerable points to their service. DISCLAIMER: The LCRA is not endorsing or dissuading this offer but show it as a stepping off point that Republic put together for us. Any change in your trash service is ultimately your choice.