The September 16th meeting of the Retirees Club was not held due to lack of attendance.  The three of us who did attend had a very nice conversation with Annjeanette Witmer of the Socrates Café who was to be our featured speaker.  We enjoyed it so much we asked her to return for a later meeting when hopefully attendance will be better.  She graciously agreed.

Our next meeting will be Thursday October 21st with refreshments at 9:30 and meeting at 10:00.  Our speaker has not been confirmed so a notice will be sent by email at a later date.


As we have said before we have enjoyed our Meet your Neighbor speakers and if you would be willing to share your work, travel or other interesting experiences please let us know.

Questions or comments about our club can be directed to the following

BECKY MARTIN     or 330-768-7333

DARLENE MULHEIM or 330-495-6027

Not everyone who attends is retired, just free on Thursday Mornings.  We would love to have you attend.  IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE ADDED TO OUR EMAIL LIST, CONTACT BECKY